An engrossing storyline continued in the world of Chaos
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Fun and exciting mind games and tactics combined with advanced strategies
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Heroes in Chaos are coming back in an RPG
The unique heroes of Chaos have returned in an RPG!
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Tons of content that unfolds in an expansive world
Campaigns full of exciting adventures and engaging storyline of Chaos,
Raids offering breathtaking experience for you and your friends, and a variety of PvP modes where you can compete with other players in dynamic battles!
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Radeath, the youngest of five gods created by the god of light Aruel, has his soul ripped out by Aruel and falls to earth as a result of attempting to turn Herjuna into a god after falling in love with her. 

Radeath forms the Immortal Armies to seek revenge on Aruel and begins to destroy Aruel’s cherished earth.
Will Leonic’s Holy Alliances be able to stop Radeath’s destruction and save the world…?